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Dear Harbor Community,


As you are all aware, NYHS is experiencing some growing pains brought on by our continued success.


Our Freshman families can tell you about 39 to a class without chairs or desks to accommodate the overcrowded classrooms. Our divers can tell you about what it takes to get to the pool several times a week to so they are able to continue developing their skills. Our students who need to know how to swim in order to get lucrative jobs in their trained professions will tell to about traveling to Bushwick on early Saturday mornings to their lessons. We have 60 students in a gym class with no gym. We have no facilities for public meetings and student presentations.


Yet we continue to grow.


What we need to continue our mission for an expanding student population:


• Classroom space that can adequately fit each student into a desk.


• An indoor pool, on the island, where students won’t need to travel hours to swim.


• An auditorium for school meetings, events and symposiums featuring student research.


• A gymnasium where students can exercise during the winter months.


We are asking the community at large to help us by reaching out to the DOE and other public officials and  have provided links below. Please consider taking a few minutes to contact these officials with your personal story.



A few suggested talking points:


• Under a strong principal, the Harbor School’s enrollment has been steadily increasing


• We are overcrowded, with students sitting on radiators because they lack desk space in classrooms, and 60 students in phys-ed, with no gymnasium.


• We are a maritime school based on an island with no pool as part of our facilities. As a Career Technical Education (CTE) school, each technical tract requires students that know how to swim in order to work in their field.


• The Harbor Middle school was recently approved and the SCA has found a suitable building in Red Hook, Brooklyn. With the current overcrowding; where would the Middle School students sit when they transition to Harbor?


Thanks for your help!


NYHS PTA Executive Board

bolsterA piece of wood fitted in various places to prevent chafing.  Today the term means to support and strengthen.

550 Short Avenue

NY, NY 10004

 212 458 0800

550 Short Avenue NY, NY 10004